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As an ambassador of your faith, your marriage, your family and your business, what you wear sends a powerful message to the world. Personal style is an extension of our personalities, a wonderful form of expression. And we make memories in the clothes we wear.

I always knew this and lived it out, but I had not figured out how to share and teach the message until I met my coach and mentor, Dani Johnson, under whose teaching I continue my leadership development.

Prior to meeting Dani, I was facing my 2nd divorce, drowning in the daily quicksand of debt, I was a stressed out, burnt out business woman, a committed shopaholic and a guilty, absent Mom. Since plugging into DaniJohnson.com, we paid off over $260,000 in 2 ½ years and became completely debt free, my marriage was restored from a sexless, lonely marriage to a spicy and fulfilling marriage, I was promoted to full time home-schooling Mom and I launched a part time fashion business. It was at this very leadership training event that teaches powerful business, relationship and finance skills that LindaPaige was birthed.

Friend, you and I are called to be a bold light on the hill, and that takes courage – courage in the face of adversity, courage in the face of criticism and courage in the face of excuses that we sugar coat as legitimate reasons. The truth is we are beautiful, and we have a powerful calling on our lives to love better today than we did yesterday. It is only when we are strong and confident in our own skin that we can fulfil this calling on our lives. Together we can use fashion to build relationships and put fashion to work for the poor, which is what we do here at LindaPaige by giving 90% of our profits to www.kingsransom.org. We are proud and privileged to be in partnership with this organisation where 100% of our donations reach the sick, the elderly, the poor, the orphan and the widow.

Fashion is not fickle. Fashion is a powerful, beautiful gift of creativity and expression that we can use as a vehicle to achieve our dreams and change the world, if we so choose.”

Linda Potgieter



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About Linda Potgieter

Linda Potgieter

Linda Potgieter

Founder and CEO of LindaPaige

Daughter of the living God, wife to Jan, mother to Jamie & Paige, partner in a global corporate company and Founder and CEO of LindaPaige, Linda was born and raised in South Africa. Having had the privilege of serving on Nelson Mandela’s PR & Communications team in 1998, lived and worked in the corporate world from Europe for 15 years, 27 years of business experience before launching LindaPaige and having travelled 40 countries, Linda brings global experience and perspective to the art and science of communication through personal style. 

Promoted to Full Time home schooling Mom in 2014, Linda sees fashion as a confidence booster and relationship builder, a powerful vehicle that positions us to achieve our goals and make the world a better place. Her mission is to bring women out of the dark and into the light, to help them understand that beauty comes from within and that when we see who we truly are, fashion really is fun and beautiful. She also puts fashion to work for the poor by giving 90% of her profits to King’s Ransom so that fashion stands for good, not evil, for inclusive, not elitist. Linda is adamant that we are out of time. Out of time for criticising ourselves and one another for how we look, while children are being sold into the sex trade, more people die of starvation, and another person gets addicted to medication for lack of love. She launched LindaPaige to build a new legacy of love through fashion. When she’s not doing this, you will find her continuously attending leadership training with her coach and mentor, Dani Johnson, or bunjy jumping, parachuting and enjoying good food, good wine and good conversation as she continues the privilege of traveling the world with her family.


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''I learned how to pick out pieces of my wardrobe that would accentuate my best parts. I feel so much better about myself.''
Lynn Reynolds www.lindapaige.com/stories
''After working with Linda, I started to wear colour, high heels and learned to accessorize without looking like a Christmas tree. I was getting compliments left, right and center.''
Lorna Titus www.lindapaige.com/stories
''I didn't realise the powerful impact that fashion & what you wore and the way you carried yourself had in life!''
Sarena Jo www.lindapaige.com/stories


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The Eve Of Fashion

This book will give you faith in fashion! If you want to learn how to turn heads, restore the fun factor, connect with people and build a beautiful wardrobe on a budget, get your copy today!

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Faith in Fashion

Regardless of whether or not believe in the same God or any god, you are an unique creation with a purpose on this earth. Fashion is a powerful communication vehicle that can support your goals, help build relationships and position you to achieve.


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Linda and her team have designed a fully comprehensive set of guides, plans & lists, for you to take with you when you go out shopping. A full description along with the tips to look out for as you go out to shop for the Capsule Wardrobe.

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